Posted: September 17th, 2017

Exploitation of hydrocarbons affected various measures of human development since their discovery?

Research Questions

R1: What is the impact of the exploitation of hydrocarbon fuels on the global scale?

The following sub questions have been developed from the main research questions:

Sub1: What is the impact of the major hydrocarbon s on the dimension of human development globally?

Sub 2: How has the use of hydrocarbons evolved over time and how have their emerged as alternative sources of carbon energy?

Methods and Conclusion

The proposed study will employ mixed methods to explore the global impact of hydrocarbons as well as their development over the centuries. Most of the data will be from secondary sources as well as primary sources. Quantitative methods will allow the researcher to quantify the impact such as economic impact or social impact such as population growth. As much as hydrocarbon fuels are important in generating power for our motor vehicles, combustion and heating processes, they also emit harmful substances into the environment. Various methods are useful in collecting and analyzing the data relating to the study of the development of hydrocarbon fuels and their very impact on the environment. It is, therefore, prudent to say that the application of both quantitative and qualitative techniques would yield desired results.

please see attachment on instructions.

also please used graph and charts . APA format

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