Posted: July 17th, 2015

explore the cooperation opportunities for humanitarian NGOs

explore the cooperation opportunities for humanitarian NGOs

Paper details:
1. The purpose of this report is to explore the cooperation opportunities for humanitarian NGOs (the red cross, for example) and conservation NGOs (the Nature Conservancy, for example) working together to enhance the livelihoods of fishing villages, especially fisher folks who are identified the most vulnerable group. Marine protected area (MPA) is wildly perceived as an effective marine conservation as well as fisheries management tool. MPA is an approach widely adopted by conservation NGOs to protect coral reef and valuable fish stock. However, MPA would bring either positive and negative impacts to stakeholders. The question is how to secure livelihoods and nutrition of fishing communities while doing the marine conservation? 2. This report will be from humanitarian NGOs point of view. What and how humanitarian can work with conservation NGOs? The country which will be focused on is Belize. Please see the attached file for background information. The most important part of this report will be the strategies and plans of action. Possible strategies: a. Alternative livelihood approach: to take away fishing pressure and provide alternative income. Please identify some alternatives that can be used in Belize. b. Communication and outreach. c. Others – such as Livelihood approaches focusing on women 3. I’m not a native speaker. Plain English is good enough. 4. I have a list of reference.

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