Posted: September 18th, 2017

factors that have "driven" the growth of security

7PAGES LONG, 7 References)
: The Growth of Security (2 pages including introduction and conclusion+ 2 references)
. The events of September 11, 2001, have no doubt changed the security profession forever. The issue of security has never before occupied such a prominent place in the newspaper, television, online, or more importantly, in the American psyche. The continued threat of terrorism has led to unprecedented concerns for our personal security and the security of our assets. It has also promoted huge levels of spending increases in both the private and government sectors.
Yet there are many other factors that have “driven” the growth of security as we know it today over the past 75 years in the United States. Using the results of your independent research beyond the information in your text, identify at least 5 of these factors and explain specifically how each of them have contributed to one of the fastest growing and diverse industries around the world. Be sure to properly list the references used to respond to this question. Also, please include a detailed introduction and conclusion paragraph in addition to your response to this question
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