Posted: September 16th, 2017

Faculty of Business Environment and Society

Faculty of Business Environment and Society

Answer all parts of the question:

You are working for Amazon as Marketing Manager. They are considering further expansion to Poland and Hungary. You have been tasked by the Marketing Director to prepare a business report. The report should cover the following:
1.    Analyse the current situation of Amazon, including summary of 4Ps analysis and SWOT
2.    Analyse Poland as the potential new market for Amazon (PESTEL)
3.    Analyse Hungary as the potential new market for Amazon (PESTEL)
4.    Discuss and recommend which market (Poland or Hungary) should be selected as the next target for Amazon. Justify your choice

Include a list of References and Bibliography
You must include a range of research in all answers; this may include relevant concepts and theories from text books, journal articles, websites, and market research databases such as Mintel, company or industry sources.  Research should be referenced using CU Harvard Referencing style.

Learning Outcomes Assessed:
•    Research, critically analyse and discuss the dynamics and key aspects of the international business environment and their effect on marketing performance

Marking Scheme:

Structure 10%
Content is organised and appropriate; coherent; flow of information, arguments, and concepts

Knowledge and Understanding 20%
Identifies, explains, draws on appropriate global marketing theories, models, literature to demonstrate depth and breadth of research to address the questions

Application 30%
Application of theory or practical examples given appropriate to context

Analysis and Recommendations 30%
Evaluation and critical analysis of the topic, synthesis of ideas/concepts, appropriate conclusions, justified recommendations

Presentation 10%
Spelling, punctuation, grammar, layout, accurate CU Harvard Referencing style, writing style academic/professional

This assignment must be submitted as an electronic copy of your assignment via the module web using the Turnitin icon. (See instructions on module web) by 23:00 on the above deadline day.

The electronic version of your assignment may be used to enable checks to be made using anti-plagiarism software and approved plagiarism checking websites.

Any penalties for not complying with word limits will be in accordance with University and Faculty policy. The words should support your choice of visual image with reference to the requirements of the brief using adequate reference to supporting material.

Return of Marked Work
Marked work will be returned in class. You can expect to have marked work returned to you by 2 teaching weeks after the submission date.

PLAGIARISM WARNING! – Assignments should not be copied in part or in whole from any other source, except for any marked up quotations, that clearly distinguish what has been quoted from your own work. All references used must be given, and the specific page number used should also be given for any direct quotations, which should be in inverted commas. Students found copying from the internet or other sources will get zero marks and may be excluded from the university.

Marking Scheme and Checklist

Feedback grading:
<40 Poor; 40-49 Satisfactory; 50-59 Good; 60-69 Very Good; 70+ Excellent

Task    What to include    Marks allocated
Task 1    Summary of company’s operations
SWOT    10%
Task 2    Detailed PESTEL analysis for Poland    25%
Task 3    Detailed PESTEL analysis for Hungary    25%
Task 4    Discussion of advantages and disadvantages of both markets for Amazon
Selection of the most suitable market
Justification of the choice made    25%
Presentation    Is it a business report?

–    Cover page
–    Table of content
–    Use chapters/ subchapters where appropriate
–    Spelling and grammar check
–    Appendices as required    10%
References    Strictly in CU Harvard style
In-text citations
List of references
Variety of good quality sources used    5%

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