Posted: September 17th, 2017

Falls and Safety Precautions

Follow these instructions for writing your Evidence-Based Proposal (EBP) in the Graduate Nursing Research course. Use the Scoring Rubric for this assignment as a guide for writing your paper.

Title Page (Graded through organization, writing style, grammar, usage, mechanics, and formatting)

Abstract (Graded through organization, writing style, grammar, usage, mechanics, and formatting)

Introduction (not labeled as such in APA format; graded through organization, writing style, grammar, usage, mechanics, and formatting)

•Introduce topic of the paper..

•Include a thesis statement that describes the purpose of the paper..

1.Problem Description: Amenable to Nursing Intervention (20 points)1.Describe a problem that calls for a change in nursing practice..

2.Describe your target population and setting for your EBP plan..

3.Explain the significance of this problem in a particular target population and setting.

Note: Do not use a medical-related health problem.

2.Identify Clinical Guideline, Bundle or Best Practice (20 points)1.Locate and then describe a known clinical guideline, bundle, or best practice which is supported by the research evidence that will address the nursing problem identified..

2.Provide an operational definition of the intervention or innovation..

3.Explain why the results of the synthesized research evidence support using the intervention or innovation..

4.Explain why the benefits of implementing the practice innovation outweigh the advantages of the current status quo practice..
3.Research Evidence (20 points)

After a thorough review of the literature, synthesize the research evidence from 3-5 primary research studies that support the implementation of this particular clinical guideline, bundle or best practice. Compare and contrast the selected studies by discussing the strengths and limitations of the following components for each of the studies:1.Problem/Purpose.

2.Operational Definitions of the Dependent Variable(s) (Outcome) and Independent Variable(s) (Intervention or Innovation).

3.Sample Selection, Setting, Sample Size, Power.

4.Research Design; includes Threats to Validity.

5.Instruments used to Measure the Variables; include Reliability and Validity of the instruments used.

6.Data Collection methods.

7.Statistical Analyses used to examine the Dependent Variable(s) and others, such as Demographics and Intervening Variables.

8.Interpretation of Findings including Statistical/Clinical Significance.


4.Plan for Implementation (20 points)1.Develop a plan (including timeline) for implementing the practice change including the specific practice protocol..

2.Identify the personnel who will provide the intervention or innovation and the training and resources needed..

3.Describe the feasibility of implementing the practice change, including how you will gain administrative and staff support..

4.Describe how implementing this practice change will promote safe, cost-effective, and quality practice..

5.Conclusion (less than a page). Present a brief and succinct description of the key elements of the paper. (Graded through organization, writing style, grammar, usage, mechanics, and formatting).


5.Integration of Evidence and Theory (10 points)

Integrate credible resources that support ideas appropriate to the assignment. Include a minimum of seven (7) current scholarly resources, unless a resources is seminal, and one (1) non-nursing source..

6.Organization, Writing Style, Grammar, Usage, Mechanics, and Formatting (10 points)

The presentation and style of the paper are consistent with scholarly work and reflect use of APA format (6th ed.) Page Limit: 10 pages.

◦Use clear structure as outlined in the assignment with all components present, including brief and succinct abstract, introduction, and conclusion..

◦Use straightforward, clear, concise, nearly error-free language that conveys meaning to readers..

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