Posted: September 13th, 2017

Favorite v. Miller

Favorite v. Miller

a, CASE: Please brief Favorite v. Miller
b,  Please brief Ivancic v. Olmstead
c, Please brief Cook’s Pest Control v. Robert & Margo Rebar

Briefs must be composed in the following four steps:

1.  FACTS: This section will constitute a very short (two or three sentences) rendition of the events which brought the parties to the courtroom.

2.  ISSUE:  This is the legal issue that the court is being asked to resolve.

3.  HOLDING:  This is the rule of law pronounced by the court as it applies to the facts of the particular case.  This is the portion of the court’s written

opinion that has precedential authority to lower courts in the same jurisdiction.

4.  REASONING: In this section we will relate the court’s logic in reaching its decision.  Please be sure to acknowledge the opposing arguments and explain why

one prevailed over the other.

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