Posted: September 18th, 2017

Final Project





The INFO1010 Course Project is a three-phase project that reinforces and develops the basic data presentation skills in Excel and WORD that all business professionals are expected to have (plus a few that you can use to impress your boss!). You must work on this project on your own. Make sure your name is included on your project in a way that insures a printed project would have your name.




PHASE I (50 Points):From the website, under “data,” collect a data set with the following characteristics and save it into an excel spreadsheet.

  1. A minimum of 150 countries. (Include the countries of all students in your section.)
  2. At least 30 years’ worth of data.
  3. Data on at least 15 measures (or indicators or variables), to include at least one each from population, economic, education, health, geography, and technology.
  4. “Clean” the data set, and identify missing data. Put in percentages as in the video.
  5. Every project should include population, GDP, and life expectancy.
  6. At least 80 % of your data rows as well as the data columns should have at least 60% of their values. (This is important…show this calculation)


DELIVERABLE: Excel file with data, turned invia CANVASon Sunday July 12.






Phase II (100 points): Using the data set from part 1 of your project create the following items in Excel and organize them into a PowerPoint presentation.


  1. Histograms for data on five variables for one year. (For a total of 5 histograms, each with 150 countries.) Include descriptive statistics with each histogram.
    1. Remember, the histograms should not show a bar per country.
    2. They should show bars based on bins you find based on the data.
  2. A histogram for one of your variables (non-geographic) and all 150 countries that shows the difference across 30 years (only requires two years’ worth of data—the first and the last). The goal is to do this with a single histogram! Again, compare and contrast the descriptive statistics.
    1. 1 variable.
    2. 2 points in time (the first year and the last).
    3. One histogram (think one color bar for the first year and one for the last).
  3. Time series charts for 5 variables (5 separate charts) across 30 years, with 10 countries.
    1. One variable per chart.
    2. 10 countries per chart. (same countries on all charts, please)
    3. Use the right kind of graph for a time series.
  4. Five scatterplots that show two variables plotted together for 150 countries (for a single year). Include a trend line or curve of best fit (with equation and R2 value) that best fits each plot. Include descriptive statistics for each variable. Ensure each graphic is self-explanatory (Titles? Labeled axes?), and include brief observations at the bottom of each slide.
    1. 5 different charts.
    2. 2 variables and all the countries for each chart.
    3. Plot variable 1 vs variable 2, variable 1 is x, variable 2 is y.
    4. Include descriptive statistics for each variable.


DELIVERABLE: WORD file with graphics, suitably organized, turned in via CanvasSunday July 26.





PHASE III(50Points):With the same data set as part I of the project, create the following items in Excel, and organize them into a Word document.

  1. With the same data setcreate an interactive scatterplot graphic in Excel that allows a user to animate the time progression of the relationship between two of your variables (original or derived) across thirty years. Build the plot for at least ten of your countries, and size the plot points based on a common country characteristic (i.e., population, GDP, etc.). (Note: Excel will not allow the plot point sizing to be dynamic, so pick the first, final, or average value, or whatever you feel is appropriate.) Include on your plot(s) the best-fit curve that is most appropriate to your data, and display the equation and R2


Ensure the graphic is suitably presented, explained, and documented, and that there is a “dial” (with instructions) that allows the user to maneuver through the data. Include observations in the worksheet view that can be read as the animation is being observed. Turn in an Excel file with the above requirements,


DELIVERABLE: EXCEL Document turned in in VIA Canvas on Sunday August 16


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