Posted: September 17th, 2017

Final Project: Statement of Cash Flow

Final Project: Statement of Cash Flow

Assignment 3: Final Project

Statement of Cash Flow

Preparing an SCF is an important step in budget development because it helps managers to forecast the future budget on the basis of operating, investing, and financing activities. Use the information given in the table below to prepare an SCF for The Green Restaurant for the current year. When preparing the SCF be sure to determine whether the amounts are a source or uses of cash; and the appropriate section of the SCF the amount belongs to, either: operating, investing, or financing.

Net Income


Decrease in Accounts Receivables

Increase in Inventory

Decrease in Accounts Payable

Purchased Equipment

Payment of Long-Term Debt

Purchase of Investments

Download the Statement of Cash Flow spreadsheet, provided in the sidebar, to compute and save your SCF.

Now, rename the SCF as W3_A3_lastname_firstname.xls and submit the assignment to the W3: Assignment 3 Dropbox.

Assignment 3 Grading Criteria
Maximum Points

Prepared an SCF for The Green Restaurant.

Entered correct data per instructions.

Used correct formulas.


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