Posted: September 18th, 2017

Financial report and account of BT GROUP organisation

Using financial reports and accounts of BT GROUP organisation analyse the results of the organisation highlighting trends in performance using appropriate and relevant ratios and
analysis techniques.
1 Comparison of Financial statement Latest full year results with Previous full year results 15
1.1 Vertical and horizontal analysis for both the balance sheet and income statement (p&l account)
2 Ratio analysis of both Latest and Previous years (show all 20 workings and provide detailed reference of data sources); This should include:
a. Liquidity,
b. Solvency,
c. Working capital management,
d. Profitability,
e. Asset efficiency,
Providing a minimum of two (2) and an average of three (3) ratios for each of the
above headings for each of the two years covered.
3 Comparison with industry average figures as available 10
4 Measurement against the organisation’s KPIs; evaluation of the uses of KPIs in 10
assessing organization
5 Discussion of the performance of the company 15
6 Discussion of the advantages and limitations of the analysis 10
7 Ratio Computation 10
8 Referencing 5
9 Professional format 5
Your approach to this task must reflect your ability to carry out research, understand key
principles in financial management and apply these to a case study.
The outcome of this task should be in the form of a detailed and structured report addressed
to the directors of your chosen organisation. You must also include evidence of your research
materials including full workings of your financial analysis in the appendix sections of your
Report Format:
1. The maximum word count for the main text excluding tables is 2,000 words.
Exceeding the word count by more than 10% can result in a reduction of marks.
Only the main text excluding any tables and diagrams counts, excluding the
contents page, executive summary, list of references and appendix.
2. The assignment must have a front cover stating:
Module number and name and seminar group
number Title of the assignment
Student names and IDs for each group
member Submission date
Word count as defined above
3. All pages must be numbered
4. An executive summary is required (not included in the word count), but
this should not exceed ½ page.
5. A short introduction is required (and included in the word count), even if it is
not explicit in the assessment criteria.
6. A reasonable number of appendices may be used for relevant supporting
information and to demonstrate your calculations and analysis.
7. Only Word documents can be submitted through Turnitin, the University’s
plagiarism detection software, therefore you are advised to create tables in
Word and not to cut and paste Excel or other software into the document. The
marker will not be able to access your spreadsheets and see your workings.
The rubric by which your report will be assessed is on Moodle. It is important that prior
to you submitting your work, you read this and objectively assess your response against
the rubric. This will ensure that you have done enough to attain the marks you wish to
This assignment tests achievement of all our module learning outcomes:
1. Select and apply appropriate accounting techniques to critically analyse financial
data in a variety of business decision making scenarios
2. Make informed financial judgements based on the outcome of such accounting
3. Critically appraise the techniques used and the information to which they have
Been applied
4. Demonstrate an critical understanding to the internal, external and legal Environments in which the judgements are being made
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