Posted: September 17th, 2017

For this assignment, you are asked to access and analyze a code of ethics from a public or non-profit organization. Most are listed online or on the organization’s website

Identify the organization and include a copy of the Code of Ethics in your report, The Code of Ethics content does not count in the 825-word evaluation.
3. The outline of the assessment will be in a narrative, or paragraph format.
4. Review and identify all general themes that involve conduct and behavior application to all employees.
5. What evidence or impressions exist (or do not exist) that high moral standards are included in the Code of Ethics.
6. Provide reflection and examples to show if the document is clearly or vaguely written.
7. Cite four examples if the tone of the document is generic in nature or if it is more customized, according to the organization’s mission.
8. Provide evidence of infractions or sanctions if certain behaviors are not followed.
9. Present examples (of codes) that outside stakeholders will be provided the same consistent moral standards as employee expectations in the organization.
10. Provide a comprehensive summary that includes the focus and scope of the codes:
 Are they narrowly written, or extremely focused?
 The coverage of topics–too detailed, too broad, or balanced?
 Depth and breadth–do the codes include social responsibility or focus only on organization mission? Clarity–language used,is it easy to follow and understand by all levels of employees?

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