Posted: September 17th, 2017


Final Project
This final project includes three requirements. Read and follow the guidelines below carefully. You must
complete the paper itself, post a presentation, and comment on other students’ presentation for full
credit. Click the Final Project Grading Rubric for guidelines on how your final project will be graded.
1. Select a topic of interest from the list below:
a. Collection and analysis of evidence, e.g.
● i. Firearms
● ii. Blood spatter evidence
● iii. DNA
● iv. Fibers/hairs
● v. Impressions
● vi. Toxicology
● vii. Paint
● viii. Glass
● ix. Fingerprints
● x. Soil
● xi. Any other type of physical evidence including biological fluids
b. A specialized area within forensic science such as
● i. Crime scene reconstruction
● ii. Anthropology
● iii. Odontology
● iv. Medicine
● v. Engineering
● vi. Entomology
● vii. Pathology
● viii. Other areas may be considered – check with the instructor first
2. Write a minimum 5 page paper (but no more than 10 pages) on the topic of your choice. The paper
should be double-spaced with 1 inch margins using a 12 point sans serif font such as Arial, Calibri or
Veranda. The paper should include the following:
Copyright © 2012 by Thomas Edison State College. All rights reserved.
● Clear definition of the topic – not a textbook definition but rather a 1-2 paragraph explanation of
the topic
● Why this topic is of interest to you – this should be approximately 1 paragraph
● Overview of the history of the topic
● How it is used today and why this is important
● Review at least one case (2-3 would be better) when it was essential. This means, when this area
of specialty made the difference in solving the case.
● Summarize your paper
3. Post a short PowerPoint presentation, Flash presentation or video of your paper on the Final Project
Discussion Forum. Include either a written narrative or an audio portion for the presentation. Think of it as
a class presentation in one of your face-to-face classes so the narrative should not necessarily be a direct
copy of your paper but rather how you would present to an audience.
4. Review the other presentations and comment upon at least 2 of your classmates’ presentations.
Comments should extend the discussion, not simply give accolades to your classmates; however, giving
compliments is fine but not quite enough to receive full credit.
Useful Websites for Locating Cases and Preparing for Final Project
The websites below may be useful in locating forensic cases involving specific types of evidence. On
some of the websites, it will be necessary to explore links while others may lead directly to cases. There
is a wealth of information on these websites to assist you in completing your final project.
● National Science Digital Library (
● (
● The Association of Firearm and Tool Mark Examiners (
● Crime Scene Investigator Network (
● Real World Forensic Engineering – scroll down page for links to cases (
TruTV Crime Library (
● All About Forensic Science (
● Human Genome Project – DNA Forensics (
● Suite (
● CCL Forensics – links to case studies in digital forensics (
Copyright © 2012 by Thomas Edison State College. All rights reserved.
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