Posted: September 17th, 2017

freedom of expression


It lays out a plan for a presentation or demonstration to be made (separately) pertaining to an individual, a specific group, or the public. Its content may be of purely personal nature; or it may relate to a certain family, academic, or work group; or it may address an issue of public interest.

Follow these steps to complete the proposal:

Identify the topic (What would you like to see changed?) and the audience you will address in the presentation/demonstration
State your interest in the matter (establish your credibility)
State the main idea that you want to convey or promote (What is your point?)
Describe the action you wish to take or to be taken by others (Who is to do what?)
Define the outcome you wish to see (What would be different for the effort expended?)
State the significance of the prospective change (What is its importance?)

The style should be formal, the grammar correct, and the syntax effective.

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