Posted: September 18th, 2017

GA Security Needs & Recommendations

Project description
Please used the sources that provided in instructions.

Complete this assignment by doing the following:

Review one or more of the following resources to learn about GA security:

Security Guidelines for General Aviation Airports

AOPA Airport Watch Video (Enter your name and email for access).

Using the information from those sources, prepare a brief 2-3 page letter to an airport operator recommending security measures for a GA airport with the following:

Fixed Based Operator
Aircraft marshalling
Aircraft towing
Aircraft maintenance
Aircraft management operations
Charter operations
Aircraft sales
Pilot facilities
Customer services
Flight School
Flight planning area
Reception desk
Flight training
Agricultural Operations
Airport-owned offices, buildings, and infrastructure
Flying club

Provide rationale for your recommendations. Are they required? What vulnerabilities will they address? Why should the airport invest in these security measures?

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