Posted: September 18th, 2017

Gamescape Episodes

Resource: Gamescape Episodes 5

Complete Episode 5: “Building a Positive Environmental Legacy” of Gamescape.

Answer the following questions. Each response should be 1-3 sentences in length.


  • Describe how you would balance the needs of Sparksville’s environment and economy.  Explain your reasoning.

Urban planning (satellite zoning)

Power production (renewable energy)

Facility/factory needs (hybrid car factory

Establish policies (collect hazedrous waste and expand industrial sector)



  • Based on your experience of 25 years in Sparksville and this course, what do you consider to be the key principles required to reach sustainability?

Social/ethical, Ecological, and Political)


  • How will you apply these principles to address the environmental issue you selected for the final project?

Atmospheric Pollution

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