Posted: September 17th, 2017

Gender, Crime and Justice

Topic 2. The purpose of this essay is to consider how R.W. Connell’s (1995) concept of hegemonic masculinity might illuminate our understanding of male violent offending? Utilising the research literature, use the concept of hegemonic masculinity to explore and explain one of the following offences committed by men: 1) sexual assault of women; 2) violent hate crimes against homosexual men; 3) opposite sex intimate partner violence; 4) same sex intimate partner violence; 5) sexual abuse of children; 6) filicide (i.e. killing of one’s own children).

Hint What you will need to do to address this essay topic:
1) discuss Connell’s concept of hegemonic masculinity;
2) find and discuss research literature that has investigated the connection between hegemonic masculinity and the crime you have chosen;
3) utilising this research literature explore and explain how the concept of hegemonic masculinity might illuminate our understanding of the crime you have chosen.

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