Posted: September 17th, 2017

Gender diversity and equality in the Saudi arabian workforce

Gender diversity and equality in the Saudi arabian workforce

Basically the word count should be as follows : ( 2000) words for discussion part ) ( 700 words Conclusion )

in the discussion part you need to read the literature review carefully and read the findings and analysis part. Based on that you should do the following:

– examine results from the literature review and findings and analysis chapter.

– there is a paragraph in the findings and analysis part talks about the most occupied sector. I want you to mention that the lower sectors ranked are mostly occupied by foreigners in Saudi . and then put statistics to demonstrate.

– attest the results and identify in which aspects there is similarity and in which aspects results found to be different between the literature review and the findings and analysis.

– identify the gap and state possible reasons behind it.

– use Maslow Hierarchy of needs to demonstrate how this could effect women’s motivation in the saudi workforce.

– apply theories and statistics within the discussion to make it more academic not just general discussion.

– suggest some possible recommendations and explain how they could benefit the current situation in Saudi Arabia

– Make the discussion divided into headings instead of just listing all information at once. Choose two or three suitable headings.


Conclusion: ( 700 words )

Review the paper state the main results, how the research was conducted, how it matched the research questions and objectives. possible limitation while conducting the research. for example, delays from people and accuracy of information may occur etc…

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