Posted: September 17th, 2017

Genotyping in COMT by High Resolution Melt (HRM)

1) Writer
It is about Genotyping of rs4680, a Met/Val single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) in COMT by High Resolution Melt (HRM). It should be written with high standard level and for premium level. Please read all the instructions Carefully. we need full focus by the writer as it is critical time and there is no time for revision .Hence the product must be written very well from beginning.

2) Task Description
Title: Genotyping of rs4680, a Met/Val single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) in COMT by High Resolution Melt (HRM)

This research will investigate the use of High Resolution Melt (HRM) as a novel technique for detection of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP). 1 SNPs will be investigated,rs4680, a Met/Val a nucleotide change at position 158 in enzyme catechol-O-methyltransferase (COMT) resulting from a G/A polymorphisms in the gene. Saliva and finger prick blood samples from staff and student will be used for DNA isolation. Isolated DNA from volunteers plus commercially bought DNA will be used for the study. The relevant gene will be amplified by High Resolution Melt( PCR) and sequenced 3 samples represent 3 different possible genotypes will be selected and used to establish the optimal conditions for HRM. Once these have been established further unknown genotype samples will be analysed to predict genotype which will then confirmed by alternative methods such as sequencing or restricted digest analysis.

Abstract: It should be minimum 500 words

Introduction: It should minimum 3000 words. It should be rewritten and include the information in the introduction.doc attached and include information about COMT gene, HRM genotyping, etc…. Additionally, the information associated with comments on Results.doc is to be included in the introduction. Furthermore, it should add new and valuable information which is related to this study. It also should contain the objectives of the study. It must be academic and written professionally.

Methods: It should minimum 1500 words. It should be rewritten of more academic and profession way and include the information in the methods.doc attached and add new related points. Additionally, the information associated with comments on Results.doc and related to methods, then it should be included in the methods.

Results: It should be minimum 2000 words. It should be rewritten of more academic and profession way and include the information in the Results.doc attached and add new related points. The results can be rearranged in terms of the figures, tables, sequences and so on so that it can be like a story and online with order discussion. In addition, the comments are provided by supervisor in track mode in Results.doc and overall comments provided by supervisor also as follows must be incorporated.
1. You need to make sure that your results tell a story. I would subsection the results with subheadings, and then make sure you explain why you are doing a particular task- at the moment the PCR and sequencing don’t have any context- what was the purpose?
2. You don’t always present the results clearly- the bioinformatics section is particularly difficult to follow- mostly as there is no explanation. The sequencing also doesn’t present what you need to show- the key here is to determine the genotype for different samples to identify the 3 different genotypes. You have to show the sequence that you are looking for and show the relevant sections of the electropherograms and say which sample has which sequence
3. The HRM needs better presentation. You need to first of all lead the reader through the different aspects- amplification curve, melt curve, normalisation and difference graph. You can then, if you explain these well, just skip some aspects (the erly ones, not the final melt!) in later expts. Again make sure you focus on teh Q you are asking and describe what happens accurately and precisely… don’t be vague.
Discussion: already done. Since there is revision time for discussion, the discussion should be rearranged to be inline with methods and results. The discussion about the sequence of amplicons should be carried out. Anything can be discussed about tables provided then it should be done also. Anything in the results which have not been discussed, then it should also be taken care.
1.Coversheet, Tables of contents, appendix, list of figures, list of appendix, pages numbers, etc… should be also be done
2. A draft report must be sent.

In text references are required, and to be in Harvard style with minimum 40 references books and academic journals. All sources must be identified and appropriately cited

4)Conduct Statement:
Task work to be original and no plagiarism is allowed and accepted. Proper proof reading is also to be carried out.
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