Posted: September 17th, 2017

Germany as example of coordinated market economies

Topic: Germany as example of coordinated market economies

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European business systems” module about “Germany as example of coordinated market economies”.
Specifically, “How well prepared is the German economic model to enable the continued development of globally competitive firms”. In other words, “Can the German variety of capitalism continue to produce globally competitive firms given its high cost base”. Discuss whether and, if so how, the German economic model of a coordinated market economy has survived in the context of an increasingly liberalised global economic order. Therefore, be aware of how the system used to work and how it works. How the system have changed as a result of the reunification in 1991. How as a result of adjustments that have covered because of that made it difficult to continue to operate the old system. What sort of challenges have they faced and in what ways have their institutions and strategies of their firms changed as a result of this of trying to adapt to new circumstances.
The essay should discuss the debate, NOT a description about the country. The essay should be relevant and directly engaged with the topic. It should start with the introduction with short context about the topic. Then, the body should include at least five paragraphs of depth analysis for the issues with evidences, arguments and give examples. It should show the whole academic debate about the topic and highlight different views, give “balance answer”, and be critical: consider, discuss and evaluate. Finally, the conclusion should be summarizing and showing the understanding of the topic and give your point of view as well.
For the referencing: the essay should include at least five references, PLEASE use the five of my references.
Here is one reference and I will upload the other four articles.
Frege, C. (1998) Institutional Transfer and the Effectiveness of Employee Representation: Comparing Works Councils in East and West Germany, Economic and Industrial Democracy, 19, 475 – 504.

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