Posted: September 18th, 2017

Going Green in the Federal Government

Final Course Project: (10 Pages) – Going Green in the Federal Government




Managerial Communications MBA501


Final Project – Business Proposal


Assignment Week Eight:  Final Proposal


Learning Objectives –


  • Recognize ways that communication strategies impact management functions





Directions:  Please submit your entire proposal as one document with all sections according to the rubric below.  Other expectations:




  • All headers must be in all capital letters and bolded; for example:  BACKGROUND INFORMATION




  • Make sure you have adequate in-text or parenthetical citations throughout the body of the proposal.






Business Proposal Components Point Value
Title Page 10
Table of Contents 10
Executive Summary (1 page with the 4 headers) 20
Background Information (main body) 20
Problem (main body) 20
Solution (main body) 20
Recommendation (main body) 20
References 20
Visuals 20
In-text Citations  / APA 40
Total 200

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