Posted: September 17th, 2017

Going to Church in the 1st Centuary

Going to Church in the 1st Centuary

Write a short essay of 1000 words comprising a review of Banks, Robert, Going to Church in 1st Century.
Your essay should include the following features of an academic essay:
1. an introduction, three or four paragraphs and a conclusion.
2. each paragraph should include a topic sentence.
3. include direct quotes from the article with appropriate referencing.
By completing this assessment students will:
1. consolidate their understanding of the origins and expression of the Church and explore in greater depth its implications for Christian theology
2. discover a major theological source for being the church: New Testament, historical and global traditions or key writers from the 20th century
3. engage with contemporary ecclesiology and critiques of the church
4. further develop their essay writing skills for theological study
The summary will be assessed as excellent, good, satisfactory or unsatisfactory against the following six criteria:
1. Task fulfillment – the book / book section was properly reviewed
2. Relevant content – demonstration of a basic knowledge of the origins of the Christian church in scripture and history or reflect on contemporary ecclesiology
3. Understanding and Analysis – includes an explanation, interpretation and analysis, synthesis and problem solving of the issue; demonstration of original and independent thinking
4. Research and Referencing – inclusion of a variety of written sources which are relevant to the topic; and correct and consistent citation of references adhering to Chicago or APA style
5. Structure of argument – presentation and examination of conclusions and recommendations, supported by literature and logical argument; logical flow of ideas with appropriate use of headings and subheadings
6. Communication – clear and concise writing and communication of ideas and sound grammar

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