Posted: June 16th, 2015

Group communication reflection

Group communication reflection

Write a report based on your reflection of your own communication performance and behaviour in the tutorials within the framework of the literature on group communication.

You may use your differing experience of your performance/behaviour between the two groups to offer comparative analysis, or it may be that your performance in each group was similar, in which case you should provide a more in-depth analysis of this.

write on ONE of the following topics:

1. Task vs maintenance behaviours in groups. Identify the difference between task and maintenance-based behaviours in group communication. Based on the evidence from the literature, write of the role you played in EITHER task OR maintenance behaviour in your groups. You may like to consider such things as your use of:
decision-making techniques group operations (your role in norming, storming, conforming performing, adjourning) the different group roles identified by the literature and how they align with your behaviour in your groups interpersonal or intercultural communication methods for group cohesion or effectiveness

2. Leadership

Explain the role of leadership in group communication. Based on evidence from the literature, write of your performance as leader. You may like to consider such things as:leadership type leadership responsibilities running effective meetings communication strategies

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