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Group work for PHE5PDE 2015

Group work for PHE5PDE 2015

All students are required to participate in and contribute to the group work. The group is required to conduct a needs analysis and report the findings accordingly. The reports include
•    A brief summary with approximately 1200 words weighing 12% due 9am, September 9th
•    A 10-mins presentation weighing 18% on September 10th

At the week two lecture, student groups will form with 4 members for each group. It is expected that students will introduce themselves and provide one another with contact details such as email addresses and telephone contacts. The group should agree on a convenor. The convenor’s role is to facilitate the group meetings so that appropriate discussion occurs and that progress is made toward completing the group assignment. The convenor will liaise with the group supervisor on behalf of the group from time to time for support and clarification of matters. At the week two lecture, groups will be given the opportunities to meet and commence the discussions of ‘tasks allocation’.

What do the group need to do at the first couple of meetings?
1.    Appoint a convenor;
2.    Make sure everyone understands what is required to complete the assignment successfully;
3.    Discuss the information that is needed and agree on the work that needs to be done to complete the assignment;
4.    Itemise all tasks to be completed in consultation with the group assignment submission timeline and develop a plan for completing the assignment accordingly;
5.    Assign the agreed tasks fairly between group members in consideration of the expertise that each member may have and also the coordination workload that the convenor has already taken on with clear timeline for the completion of each task;
6.    Decide how the group will communicate and set up meetings dates and times if possible so that all group members to plan their work ahead to maximise participation and contribution.

It is expected that participants attend group meetings as planned and let other members to know if they are going to be absent or need to vary their involvement. Members should complete agreed tasks to the best of their abilities by the agreed timeline. The convenor should keep a record for tasks completion progress for the members and the group and raise any issues arising from the group with the subject coordinator.

All groups are advised to take into consideration that the individual assignments may be related to the outcomes of the group work.  Students within the same group are encouraged to discuss and decide whether the group will continue to support each other in developing their individual assignments as early as possible. Although the individual assignments will be prepared and submitted individually, discussions among the group will be valuable. Participants can draw extensively from the ideas developed by the group and share resources. However, all assignments need to be developed individually. Copying other’s members’ work may be considered as a case of plagiarism.

Group work background:
Funding opportunities will be available in the next 6 months for projects up to two years for the implementation of innovative preventive and promotional strategies targeting diverse population groups at high risk of being effected by diabetes, licit and illicit drug use, cancer, hepatitis, AIDS, cardio-vascular diseases. However, projects are not included in the above areas but are innovative and can lead better health outcome of the population may also be considered. Partnerships across sectors are strongly encouraged, which may include hospitals, the criminal justice system, children and family welfare groups, community health agencies, Indigenous community-controlled organisations, mental health groups and homeless services.
Applicants must demonstrate:
•    Attitudinal and social impact and the cost effectiveness of the project with the target group
•    How the project adds value to the health sector; and
•    Evidence to demonstrate the need for project and the significance of the approaches strategies proposed in the project.
Your organisation is planning to submit an application for funding to address one or few of the problems identified in the last annual review. Before the project plan and application can be developed, the project development group of your organisation are assigned to conduct a needs analysis to inform the formulation of project ideas and the development of project proposal. Upon completion of the needs analysis, as a group, you are asked to report on the findings including the information generated from the below steps.

To complete the assigned task within 5 weeks on top of your current workload, you may need to take the following 5 steps:
1.    To identify an organisation that may auspice the project (organisation that you are currently working for or you are familiar with)
2.    To identify a problem (problems) for investigation;
3.    To gather evidence to justify the needs for and significance of addressing the problem(s).You also need to take into consideration the availability / capacity of the current services in addressing similar problems. Therefore, a service gap analysis may be conducted.
4.    To identify and priorities possible approaches/interventions in addressing the problem(s) informed by available and up-to-date evidence;
5.    To make suggestions on what are the best strategies/approaches to be adapted to addressing such problems. Although no extensive amount of details are required, you do need to justify such recommendations based on a number of considerations: such as organisation’s capacity, organisation’s strategic direction, acceptability to target population, costs etc.

What do you need to include the group assignment?

Written summary:

1.    In a short paragraph (no more than 250 words), brief the problem(s) that you have noticed/identified prior to conducting the needs analysis which form the focus of your investigations completed. When explaining the problems, please ensure population that are affected by the problem is clearly determined.

2. In a table (refer to Table 1), please list the key steps that you planned to gather information and evidence to assist you with addressing the steps 3, 4 & 5 listed above and explain what do you expect to find or achieve by taking each of the proposed step. Potential sources where you would identify the information and evidence from should be clearly explained. Please note, you are asked to provide your plan, no justification of why these steps are chosen is required. Therefore, no references are necessary.

Please note, by the time you are writing 1 & 2, you would have completed the investigation. Therefore, please indicate whether you were able to complete each of the proposed step. If not, please explain why.

3.    Within 600 words, please detail the problem(s) identified with evidential support. You need to clearly justify why there are such problems, the significant impacts attributed by the problems or should the problems not be addressed. Please ensure the specific population group(s) affected by the problems is clearly defined. You also need to discuss whether there have been efforts in addressing the problems. If yes, what is the current service capacity in addressing the problems and what are the gaps for further interventions or services. If no, you need to discuss why these problems have not been addressed by current efforts/services.

Table 1: Needs Analysis Plan

Description of the Steps that you took to conduct the needs analysis     How many hours of work involved?     Brief description of the types of information / evidence that you planned to identified via this specific step     Specify the potential sources from which the information /evidence will be sourced     If you did not complete this step or identified the types of information/evidence as planned. Please briefly explain why

Please add rows and adjust the table when required.  Please delete this note in your report

PDE Group Brief Summary Marking Sheet

Marks given     Marks    Project Proposal details
3    ?    Overall presentation and formatting (0.5)
?    Overall writing (1)
?    All evidence provided is properly referenced using APA style (1.5).
1.5    ?    Problems noticed / identified which formed the focus of the investigation are clearly described and explained.
?    Population that are current affected by the ‘problems’ and the target of the needs analysis are clearly determined.
2.5    ?    Comprehensively completed Table 1

5    ?    Using evidence to discuss the significant of the problems identified which include scale and scope of the problems and their impact, to what extent the needs for addressing the problems have been met or not been met.
?    Are there any services that are currently being provided that may have the capacity to address (or partially address these needs) the problems? If yes, what is the current service capacity in addressing the problems and what are the gaps for further interventions or services. If no, why these problems have not been addressed by current efforts/services. The current and future service gaps should be clearly specified and justified.
?    Evidence sourced and provided is relevant and sufficient to support the discussions and recommendations and has been property used
Note: Data should primarily come from reliable sources such as government census, survey and research findings. Data generated internally within the organisation such as service data etc are also useful.

Powerpoint Presentation

Required topics to be covered by the powerpoint slides and presentation
?    Introduction of the presentation
?    Problems that formed the focus of the investigation including clearly define population and  geographic boundary when applicable
?    Key steps that you took to conduct the needs analysis
?    Any difficulties encountered when conducting the needs analysis
?    Specify the problems identified and needs confirmed to be addressed. It is important that the scale and impact of the problems are clearly specified with evidential support
?    To present and discuss possible solutions/approaches that can address the identified problems with evidential support.
?    To confirm the needs to be addressed and confirm and justified the best approaches / interventions to address them. Please be aware that the proposed solutions should be feasible to address the needs within the 2 year timeframe requiring no more than half a million dollars.
?    Concluding remarks/ conclusion.

Group powerpoint slides and presentation marking table

Note: Each presentation group (PG) will be allocated a Question Group (QG) (one of the other PDE group). The QG ask two questions for the PG to response at the end of the presentation.
PDE Group Presentation Marking Sheet 2015 (18 Marks in total)
Group number:                         Member names:                                                                                                      Assessing group number:
Marking Areas    Marks allocated    Marks given
The power point slides      8
The group critically assess other group’s presentation and ask two highly relevant questions to allow other presentation group to clarify points/provide additional information that are important to their presentation. The group also has the abilities to appropriately respond to answers provided by the other group when appropriate.
Please note: each group will have up to two minutes to decide which two questions you are going to ask and who will be asking the questions and following up the answers.    1
Overall presentation
•    The whole presentation has been provided clearly and adequately demonstrated good team spirit and confidence.
•    Presenters are responsive and are able to actively engage the audients during the presentation
•    The overall presentation is provided in comfortable pace within the time limit    1
Presentation performance
•    The group present all required contents in a logical and structured way including both the introduction and conclusion
•    Presenters explained all power-point slides and headings adequately, clearly and concisely    2

The group are able to address audients’ two questions effectively

Powerpoint Slides Marking Sheet (8 marks)

Group Number:                                                     Total Mark:

Content    Marks allocated    Marks given
A consistent style has been applied to developing the powerpoint slides  which include the following areas:
•    Formatting (yes or no)
•    colour coordination/selection (yes or no)
•    font and size for headings and sub-headings (yes or no)

Special efforts (such as graphic design, special visual effects, relevant picture etc.) have been put into the development of the powerpoint slides for appropriately seeking audient’s attention     0.5
All slides are well developed with clear purpose     0.5
All slides have included adequate information that are relevant to the purpose of the slide     0.5
All slides are developed in the way easy for audients to quickly scan through without too much information or being too crowded    2
The powerpoint has included all core components which include:
•    cover slide with all four types of required information (yes or no)(refer to the powerpoint template)
•     outline/introduction slide for the presentation  (yes or no)
•    Conclusion slide (yes or no)
•    Reference slide (yes or no)
•    All content required are fully developed into various slides

•    For ‘yes or no’ item, full mark is given to ‘yes’ and zero mark is given to ‘no’
•    For unspecified items, marks is given according to the extent the powerpoint slides have fulfilled in the requirements

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