Posted: September 14th, 2017

Health Information Technology (HIT)

Health Information Technology (HIT) is a growing field within health services organizations today;

additionally, health information security is a major concern among health organizations, as they are

required to maintain the security and privacy of health information. The Department of Health and

Human Services (HHS) provides extensive information about the Health Insurance Portability and

Accountability Act (HIPAA). Visit the HHS Website, at, for more

information about HIPAA requirements. In March 2012, the HHS settled a HIPAA case with the Blue

Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee (BCBST) for $1.5 million. Read more about this case at As an IT security

manager at a regional health services organization, your CIO has asked for the following: an analysis

of this incident, an overview of the HIPAA security requirements necessary to prevent this type of an

incident, and a briefing for management on the minimum security requirements to be HIPAA



Create a six slide PowerPoint presentation in which you:

a. Provide the following on the main body slides:

i. An overview of the security issues at BCBST

ii. HIPAA security requirements that could have prevented the incident

iii. Positive and negative corrective actions taken by BCBST

iv. Safeguards needed to mitigate the security risks

Your PowerPoint presentation must follow these formatting requirements:

Include a title slide, four to six (4-6) main body slides, and a conclusion slide.


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