Posted: September 18th, 2017

Healthcare Cost Benefit Analysis

• For this assignment you will complete a 2–3 page paper in which you analyze the costs and benefits of your proposed solution based on what you learned from the financial data for the three hospitals from the previous assignment.
To do this:
1. Visit the American Hospital Directory and each hospital’s Web site to view annual reports and other available financial information for the three hospitals you analyzed in the previous assignment. (If the annual reports are not available, conduct research to find a hospital of a similar type and size to use as a proxy.) Note: To locate financial information on the American Hospital Directory site (, select Free Hospital Profiles on the home page and type in the hospital names in the search engine.
2. Derive the data for each of the three hospitals and comment on the results. You can use the table on page 95 of your textbook as a guide; however, you can determine the best manner in which to show and report the data. Include this data as an appendix to your paper.
3. Based on what you learned from how much it costs to run a hospital, propose what you feel is a realistic budget for your solution. Break it down as much as possible, using your Action Plan from Unit 5 as a guide. Include this budget analysis in your paper.
4. Now that you have the costs, justify the benefits. Why should Ashe Memorial Hospital spend money on your solution? What are the long-term benefits to be gained? This does not need to be a lengthy description, but write as much as you feel is necessary to make your point.

text book
Feldstein, P. J. (2012). Health care economics (7th ed.). Clifton, NY: Delmar Cengage Learning.

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