Posted: September 18th, 2017

Healthcare law

Healthcare legal…..For this requirement, please use as your sources, the textbook(Showalter, Stuart (2008). The Law of Healthcare Administration (5th Ed.). Chicago: Health Administration Press. ISBN # 978-1-56793-957-6) the pdf file I gave you, the websites: ;; www.ncbi.nlm,; others that generally end in extensions dot org, dot gov, dot edu. “Google” the case by copy and pasting the cases below, on to the Google search bar For each case, indicate the following: the main issue; the court’s decision; and the rationale for the court decision. Additionally, for each case, there will be specific questions asked of you. Please complete this requirement in a Word document, APA Format (1) Porter vs. Lima Memorial Hospital (6th Circuit Court, 1993) Additional questions: What is the importance of patient assessment and documentation? What is the importance of collaboration between the nurse and physician as it pertains to the case? (2) Ard vs. East Jefferson General Hospital (LA 1994) Additional questions: Was the testimony by the plaintiff consistent with notations in the medical record? Was there sufficient evidence in the record to support the district court’s conclusion that the nursing staff breached the community’s standard of care? Did the negligence of the nurses lessen the patient’s chance of survival? What should the reasonable standard of care be in responding to a call for assistance What are the nursing issues in this case? (3) Suarez Matos vs. Presbyterian Community Hospital (1st Circuit Court, 1993) Additional questions: What mechanism should be in place for communication between the surgeon in an operating room and the pathologist who needs to report his findings on a frozen section to the operating surgeon? Face-to-face communications? Written report? Intercom? what are the pros and cons of these forms of communications? Why was the hospital also liable for the physician’s negligence? (4) Marsh vs. Crawford Long Hospital (GA 1994) Additional questions: Do you agree with the court’s decision? Explain your answer. Discuss how the Joint Commission’s Universal Protocol for Preventing Wrong Site, Wrong Procedure, Wrong Person Surgery is applicable in this case. (5) Bowe vs. Charleston Area Medical Center (WV 1993) Additional questions: What value is there in placing a disclaimer in an employee handbook? There is no specific length required.

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