Posted: September 18th, 2017

Heroin, Morphine and Opioids

Heroin, Morphine and Opioids
1. Drug culture – We have been looking at various ways that drug culture can be thought of and understood. Have a look at the video, Prescription for Addiction: How does the understanding you are developing as we explore addiction in this course fit with the stereotypes and popular images of heroin addiction and addiction to prescription analgesics (pain killers) that are out there in the public realm?

2. Drug treatment – People typically think that people with drug problems should simply stop and never use again. Yet there is no more effective treatment of heroin addiction and severe opioid dependence than medication-assisted treatments using methadone and buprenorphine. What are your views on these approaches, which substitute a pharmaceutically prepared drug that can be prescribed and regulated for people who meet diagnostic criteria for opiate dependence? Should we be offering people who are opiate dependent such substitution treatments? Why do you think these treatments are effective?

Read Herie & Skinner, Chapter 4 as well as Chapter 9 in Nutt, and “Junkie” by Stephen Reid in Crozier and Lane, and Mate, Chapter 28.

Required Texts:
1. Crozier, Lorna & Patrick Lane (Editors). (2006). Addicted: Notes from the belly of the beast. 2nd Edition. Vancouver: Greystone Books. ISBN-10: 1553651154
2. Herie, Marilyn & Skinner, Wayne (2010). Substance Abuse in Canada. Toronto: Oxford University Press. ISBN-10: 0195433874
3. Mate, Gabor (2008). In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close encounters with addiction. Toronto: Knopf Canada. ISBN-10: 0676977413
4. Nutt, David (2012). Drugs without the Hot Air. Cambridge, UK: UIT Cambridge. ISBN-10: 1906860165

Note: This is a discussion assignment, so writer must reflect his/her thoughts by using (I believe, think. agree or disagree) through using the required texts as well as using other references and sources to draw a complete answer. Writer should not only stick to the required texts, he/she can draws their thoughts using different sources and materials. (It depends on the question which has been asked).
So writer is required to reflect and draw his/her personal opinion in order to answer these questions correctly.

Another Note: This assignment includes 2 parts: both should be answered specifically with no general info; they all must be briefed and straight to the point. Each part encompasses different questions which they have to be answered even with extra words, if needed.

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