Posted: September 18th, 2017

Histograms and Scatterplots


Histograms and Scatterplots
Discovering Statistics Using IBM SPSS Statistics (4th edition) Companion Web Site.
In this unit, you focused on learning about histograms and scatterplots, including how to create and use them. In this discussion, you are asked to create and interpret a histogram and scatterplot. Use the Jiminy Cricket.sav dataset from the datasets Zip file you downloaded in Unit 3 to complete the following (this dataset can be found in the DSUS4 SPSS folder).
Note: As a reminder, you may also download this file directly from the Companion Web Site for your text (see Resources). You will find these files under Student Resources/Datasets/Andy Field’s Datasets.

Complete the following:
•Using SPSS, produce a histogram, a population pyramid, and a scatterplot for the success scores before the intervention.
•Once all three plots are complete, provide a copy of your results in a Word document by copying and pasting the results.
•Explain the results and evaluate what the findings describe about the Jiminy Cricket.sav dataset.
•Identify and explain additional information that you would like to know about the dataset based on the results of your histogram.

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