Posted: September 17th, 2017

Historical women healers

 Paper Details

The student will explore in detail a particular woman healer of their choice.

• The student will review literature to provide the following:

i) Historical background for the time period in which this healer practiced.

ii) Paying particular attention to the female ideology of the time.

iii) The student will reflect on the following:

(1) religious

(2) political

(3) economical

(4) Sexual influences this healer was subjected to and how they reacted to it.

(5) The student will identify the accomplishments made by this healer, evaluating the merits of each.

(6) The student will determine if this healer was appreciated within her own time, and if not why

(7) How she has affected current medical practice

(8) How her influence can be used in the future to improve healing practices.

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