Posted: September 17th, 2017

Holistic Living Guidelines

Your project is to develop a “Holistic Living Guidelines” as if you are writing an instructional guide for your patients and/or colleagues. Download the HLC syllabus for further details.

FORMAT: APA, 12-pages of quality content (not including title page, abstract and references) followed by a minimum of 12 quality and authoritative reference sources (no wikipedia, no manufacturing or business websites ): double-spaced.

Resource examples:

� Primary research sources (peer-reviewed journals)

� Course lectures/narratives

� Dr. Weils books

� Dr Weils website

� Consortium of Academic Health Centers (, go to the individual Integrative Health Centers members web-sites, you will be overwhelmed by the information on these sites

� Papers from peer-reviewed journals (Holistic Nursing Practice, Alternative Therapies, etc)

Health Sciences library has an electronic resource section on Complementary and Alternative Therapies/medicine

General Outline (you may add to this and/or add subcategories)

I. Introduction (define holistic living, include a needs statement , how medicine is undergoing a paradigm shift towards holism etc.

� A Health Promoting Diet

� A Healthy Life Style

� Nutritional and Herbal Supplementation

� Exercise Strategies (include benefits of weight bearing and aerobic, provide examples)

� Positive Attitude (positive self talk, affirmations go to, check the Wayne Dyer site)

� Stress Reduction/Management Strategies (be creative select those which are your favorites, breath, visualization, Yoga, meditation, Aromatherapy, Energy Medicine…select and briefly describe at least 5 different stress management techniques/tools.

� Spirituality (the need, what is it, a few resources

� Specific Complementary and Integrative Therapy recommendations for your area of speciality or interest.. PMS, Children and ADHD, Surgery (preparation prior to and follow-up, Longevity, …. etc)

� List of references (minimum of 15)

� Patient Resources

Research Paper

The research project focuses on the development of a “Holistic Living Guidelines” that

will be researched and developed as a information booklet for patients.

The assignment will consist of 15 pages of quality content information, (this does not include the abstract

page, references, figures or charts).

All papers must be in current APA format and in a WORD (.doc) format. Papers are to be

submitted via Blackboard. References may include: course lecture material, Dr.Weil�s

textbook and website, the website of the Consortium of Academic Health Centers

(, proceed to the individual Integrative Health Centers

members web-sites. Research websites are also acceptable for citation purposes (this does

not include wikipedia or product manufacturers websites). The grade will be based on the

following: adequacy and rigor of the content, relevance of the selected topic and

supporting argument, adherence to APA style, use of references, and professional



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