Posted: September 17th, 2017

Hospitality and Tourism Strategy in the Global Marketplace.

Hospitality and Tourism Strategy in the Global Marketplace

Strategic Management
In your role as a group of strategy consultants to the board of an established organisation (Hilton) of your choice in hospitality sector, you have a brief to fulfil by addressing the following requirements that were agreed at the time of your appointment:

An analysis of global and domestic change drivers that have implications for the company, using relevant academic models to justify your analysis

A Critical evaluation of the internal organisational characteristics of the company .

One of the Board members has recently attended a seminar on “The Blue Ocean Strategy”. The Board seeks your advice on the possibility of adopting a new strategic direction along the lines of the blue ocean model. Construct an argument for the attention of the Board using blue ocean strategy tools.

Critically evaluate and discuss in relation to implementation the structural, people ,processes and technology issues which will all contribute to shareholder return through improvements in business optimisation ,provided that top management approval is given to your proposals.

State how such change could be accomplished, the barriers which may occur and how these can be pre-empted in a change plan.

Discussion of the strategic trajectories followed by the firm and competencies developed over time

A critical discussion of the core capabilities of the organisationand culture of the organisation, drawing on relevant models
Application of relevant models to conduct an external and competitive analysis to identify and discuss drivers of change and competency gaps. (20 marks)

Drawing on relevant strategic choice models and business canvas, students are required to explain how the competency gaps could be addressed.

Application of evaluation models to project outcomes. Discussion of the challenges of resourcing the implementation process.

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