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Hospitality with Tourism Management

Hospitality with Tourism Management

This resit assignment is one submission for CW 1, PX or a combination of both

Module Title                                Module Code

Managing Profitable Food & Beverage Operations            784

Assignment Title                            Level

Using the Walkthrough Audit                         7


40% of the module

Hand Out Date

This essay is available from the 8th July 2015

Due Date

This work is to be submitted by Friday 31st July 2015. Note that the deadline for full-time students is 16.00hrs and for registered part-time students it is 19.00hrs (local UK time). This assignment should be submitted electronically via Turnitin as a PDF file only.  Access the module site in UCB Online and visit the ‘Assignments’ section.  Here you will find the submission link you will need to use in order to submit your assignment (see ‘View Assignment’ link in the example below).

IMPORTANT!  It is your responsibility to ensure you submit the correct piece of work as a PDF file only and that you submit it to the correct submission point.  You can identify the correct submission point by the period in which you are required to submit it and by assessment.  As an example only, the submission point for Semester 1 Coursework 1 would appear as S1 CW1 as in the example below.

You should aim to submit your assignment 24 hours before the deadline. Work submitted via alternative methods e.g email will NOT be accepted.  You are strongly advised to take advantage of the ability to submit multiple times before the deadline.  This will enable you to test and familiarise yourself with the submission procedure so that you can resolve any problems before the actual assignment Due Date.

Once the Due date has passed, you can only submit your assignment if you have not already made a submission.  Each subsequent submission will overwrite a previous submission and therefore the most recent file submitted will be the one that is marked.

Post Date

Feedback for your essay will be posted on 14th September 2015

Extenuating Circumstances & Frontispiece Assignment Key
If you have experienced genuine issues impacting your ability to submit your assessment then you must complete an Extenuating Circumstances application through ATS. The following key will identify the exact piece of assessment that relate to the issues you have experienced.

In order to create the correct extenuating circumstances frontispiece you will need to access the Assignment Tracking System (ATS) via the UCB Portal or directly by typing in

The completed extenuating circumstances frontispiece must be sent to the Registry via email [email protected] along with your evidence with the cut-off date being 14th August 2015.  NB Extenuating Circumstances submitted without evidence may not be considered.

Assignment Rationale

Delivering service delivery and quality are seen as a key means of gaining competitive advantage in a very difficult trading environment. This essay, therefore, seeks to develop key themes of the module against a backdrop of the harsh economic situation.

Assignment Remit

You are required to write a concise essay of approximately 1500 words that critically evaluates and discusses the use of the Walkthrough Audit as a tool to aid consistency in service performance in bar and restaurant operations.

Please note that you must submit your work through ‘Turnitin’ as a PDF file only and as outlined in the guide for submission. You are required to state the number of words at the end of your essay.

It is expected that references to academic texts will include only those available in the UCB library or available via UCB e-resources. If you have used information beyond these resources you will be required to identify them and provide a short explanation in the reference section identifying the library source used and rationale for its inclusion. This supportive information is to your benefit to demonstrate your research activity, provide reassurance as to its integrity and thus be reflected in a balanced and fair assessment of your efforts.

Guidance on essay writing is available under ‘Academic Matters’ in your Student Handbook. In addition note the presentation standards specified in the Student Handbook concerning margins, font and layout.

Assessment Criteria

UCB’s Generic Grading Criteria for HE work at Level 7 (Master’s Degree) level will apply to this assignment. These are available via UCB Online


Please note that this assignment is an individual piece of work and should represent your own individual effort. UCB policy in case of plagiarism/cheating will apply.

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