Posted: September 17th, 2017

How does Human Resource Management motivate innovation among employees within organisations.

The aim to discover HRM practices that essential to stimulate innovation. and the implication of innovation on HRM
1. you will find below some references of studies (and please add some references that you think is now and related the subject) and I need you to critique them according the role and practice of HRM and implication of innovation.
2. Conway and Steward (2009) argue if the size of the organization is larger and it has a large number of staff organized in small units based on activities such as marketing and production, barriers may be created preventing boundary spanning (p. 246). In contrast, Arad, Hanson, and Schneider (1997) reveal there is no direct relationship between the size of the organization and innovation, and the size of the organization does not prevent or facilitate innovation. But I think there is a strong relationship if the companies are big the fund and they have attractive rewarding system, people now days rely on social network to communicate and they spend a lot of money on R&D So I will compare with other companies to prove my assumption.
3. almost all study including: (Arad, Hanson, and Schneider, 1997) (Shipton, West, and Dawson, 2006), Jiang, Wang, and Zhao (2012) , test five practices of HRM including: reward, training, appraisal, teamwork and hiring. However, I will examine or test job design.
Because the question stat with how the it may take qualitative and some case studies and the method might be mix method.

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