Posted: September 17th, 2017

How does message length affect the success of direct marketing messages? A comparison of online and offline mediums

Research Paper Topic
How does message length affect the success of direct marketing messages? A comparison of online and offline mediums

Paper Guideline and Sections to be Included

This research paper should follow the below format and contain the following sections.


In this section, you present the research topic and why is this topic important. I will be looking for how clearly the topic is presented and how important it is. Support and justification for the importance of the topic is necessary. You may also provide an overview of your position or arguments. Stronger papers often pose a research question that the paper will seek to answer and provide direction for the investigation.


You should discuss how you searched for the information that you will present in the paper. Did you use library databases and which ones? Did you use Internet search engines and which ones? Academic sources of information are preferred. The Internet also has a wealth of information available on many topics in direct marketing. A good research paper might use both resources.

This is where you systematically lay out and document all of the information that you gathered on the topic. It is very important to reference your sources. In this section, I will be looking for how relevant, thorough, objective, insightful and succinct your investigation has been. How you organize and present the information can be very important. Throwing out results in a random order will not earn high marks. Give some thought to organizing your presentation of results in a meaningful fashion.

The value of the results section relies on a balance between quantity and quality. Quantity — the number of citations, can be an important indicator of how thorough the research has been and how much effort has been made. If the paper is based on very few, say two or three, it doesn’t indicate that much effort has been made to research a topic.

The quality of writing also matters. Listing a lot of citations that don’t add a lot of value to the paper or that are too brief or unorganized in their presentation doesn’t demonstrate effective writing skills. Fewer sources can still be effective if their summarization is well-written and they provide great insight into the topic.


What have you learned from your research? This section is used to integrate and generalize all of the information presented in the results section. Once again, an organized discussion is very important.

Conclusions and Recommendations

Based on all of your research findings, what is your conclusion about the topic? What was the basis for coming to this conclusion? Better recommendations come from the use of concrete examples of how the findings of the paper can be put to practical use.

Reference List
Use APA format to cite your references.

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