Posted: September 17th, 2017

How generationally diverse the church

Introduction: The objective of this assignment is to help you evaluate how generationally diverse your church is and to think through ways to help it become more intergenerational or retain its intergenerationalness.
Tasks: Please answer the following questions regarding the church that you most frequently attend (this would include the church at which you serve in some leadership role). Feel free to organize your paragraphs based on the numbers of the questions being asked.

. 1a. Which generation are you personally a “member” of?
.1b. What are the “rough estimate” percentages of each of the following generations in the chuch you attend?

. GIs
. Silents
. Boomers
. Gen Xers
. Millennials
Name one or two of the issues or tesions that you are aware of that have occurred between these generations in your church within the past (10) years.
. How has yor church handled these tensions/issues? Were there solutions that pleased the multiple generations or did one generation have to “learn to deal with it? What were the end results that occurred based on the “solutions” enacted to the tensins?
. Now using your imagination, dream about what type of event-outsie of a normal church service-that you would offer/provide for your church in an attempt to bring multiple generations together (more than just parents and children!). Which generations are you trying to draw in? What kind of event would you host? Why do you think it would draw multiple generations? What might be some of the hesitations/obstacles you might face from those generations (Not from your leadership who happen to be completely and totally onboard with your brilliant idea-remember, we’re imagining)? How wouldyou go about persuading/encouraging the multiple generaltions to attend the event?

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