Posted: September 17th, 2017

How International Global Brands Compete”.

Please write a 3 page Response Paper (not including the cover or references) on “How International Global Brands Compete”.
This paper Response or Topic should be a mini research paper and have a least 10 related references from scholarly work (no web page, no none scholarly articles).
You should attempt to narrow your focus to something that you found really important in what you have read in the article.
Use Time Roman 12 point font
Use 1″ margin one all sides
Use APA in-text and reference citations
Use Double Space
Limit 900 words (about 3 pages)

Additional comments on writing:
1) Never, never, and again never copy and paste work into your paper.
2) Keep quotes at a minimum – should be less that 5% of paper and in some cases that is to much
3) Everything that is not your own though needs and in text citation and a subsequent reference
4) Listen to what you write and try to make it meaningful and appealing to your audience

Doc P.
Note: Turnitin will be used for all written assignments and anything above a 20% originality is not acceptable. In some cases even 20% will not be acceptable. IMPORTANT: Blatant plagiarism weather thru Turnitin or that I find the material will at minimum result in a zero for the assignment.
In other orders just because Turnitin does not find it does not mean it might not be copied and there are other ways to search … SO USE YOUR OWN WORDS.

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