Posted: September 17th, 2017

How to draft an IT Online Training Specification

IT Online Training needs to develop an online service for IT training that includes scheduled as well as self-paced courses. The training service will be initially web-based but the architecture must have the option that different front-ends like applets, web services, or other designs can be used. The main function of the training site is to provide IT courses to its customers over the Internet.


Sponsor Requirements

The following are some initial requirements of the application.


  1. Purchase courses.

REQ1.1 Users must be able to purchase courses via an online shopping cart.

REQ1.2 The user must be able to add courses to an online shopping cart.

REQ1.3 Users must be able to remove courses from an online shopping cart.

REQ1.4 Users must be able to cancel orders.

REQ1.5 Users must be able to purchase by credit card.

REQ1.6 System must provide certificates of completion for users.


  1. Maintain Customer accounts

REQ2.1 Users must be able to create a customer account

REQ2.2The system must be able to store customer information like name, address, and credit card details at login.

REQ2.3The system must maintain a list of accounts in its central database.

REQ2.4The system must match the user name and password against the information stored in the master account list when the user logs in.


  1. Maintain Course information.

REQ3.1 The system must be able to create, modify, and delete course information including course number, course title, course duration, course prerequisites, course description, CEU credits, related courses, and cost.

REQ3.2The system must maintain course history including offering dates (beginning and ending), number of students enrolled, and instructor.

REQ3.3The system must provide search capability for courses based on category, popular course, recent releases, planned courses.

REQ3.4The system must provide video viewing capability for courses.

REQ3.5 The system must provide search capability for all courses offered.



  1. Maintain Instruction information.

REQ4.1 The system must be able to create, modify, and delete instructor information including name, address, bio, and stipend.

REQ4.2 Instructors must be able to update course information and materials.



  1. Maintain the Course Schedule

REQ5.1 The system must maintain the course schedule in its central database including course title, course number, course description, course prerequisites, length of course, course outline, schedule dates, and instructor information.

REQ5.2 The system must allow the schedule administrator to maintain the course schedule and create, modify, and delete course schedule information.


  1. Search the Course Schedule

REQ6.1 Customers must be able to search the Course Schedule by various search techniques including keyword, title, and schedule and then view the results


  1. Develop a scalable architecture

REQ7.1 The training application must be capable of maintaining user accounts for up to 100,000 user accounts during the first six month and 1,000,000 after six months.

REQ7.2The training application must be capable of servicing up to 1,000 simultaneous users initially and up to 10,000 after six months.

REQ7.3The training application must be capable of handling 100 search requests per minute and up to 1,000 search requests after six months.

REQ7.4The training application must be capable of handling up to 100 purchases per hour and 1,000 after six months.


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