Posted: September 17th, 2017

how to save mcdonalds

how to save mcdonalds

Paper details:
McDonald’s has begun to lose market share and revenue for a variety of reasons and it is not clear if management can turn things around. Here’s a short article detailing the company’s predicament: 5 Reasons McDonald’s Is Falling Apart Before Our Eyes. The management has decided to look for an outside consultant to develop a strategic plan for the firm. They are willing to consider a wide range of policy options, including blue ocean strategies, fundamental changes to their business model, diversification, downsizing the flagship business and developing new businesses. Your recommendation has to be feasible and consistent with the company’s strengths and weaknesses. What strategic course of action would you recommend? Your proposal should be between 1000 – 3000 maximum. (That works out to 2–6 pages.) Please use the outline below. The writing should be crisp, to the point, grammatically correct. Use spell check. You can use bullets when appropriate. Refer to the articles regarding blue ocean strategy and Porter’s five forces model, the latter especially for the industry analysis. Refer to the Brooklyn College Library’s business database, which I pointed out in class. You’ll find everything you need in there. Name Date Summary Current Mission and Vision Statement Current Business Description Industry Analysis Strength Analysis Opportunity Analysis Weakness Analysis Threat Analysis Recommendations New Mission and Vision Statement New Business Description Short Term Goals Long Term Goals

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