Posted: September 17th, 2017

How to write a critical analysis?

Choose one of the following works from the textbook and write a 500-750 words or 2 to 3 page

paper that analyzes the work by discussing how the principles of design are used in it. For a

thorough discussion be sure to include what you’ve learned about the visual elements. To begin,

you might make a list of the principles of design and explain how each is used in the work you’ve

chosen, then work up your list into essay form. 7th edition: fig. #8-17, p. 163; Las Meninas by D.

Velázquez 1656 fig. #4-25, p. 74; The Death of Socrates by J.L. David 1784 fig. #7-15, p.145; No.

29,1950 by J. Pollock 195


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