Posted: September 17th, 2017

How to write a Critical Analysis?

There are a lot to do, including you might need to discuss the topic with someone if it is possible. And also you can from a group and talk about your though and debate about it before you work on it, before you write about it. If your do that you don’t need to stay in front of your computer and sit down for a long time to brainstorm or scratch for you writing, because you have already done the same thing by discussing with people, so you already got something in mind. Beside discuss, you should also do practice, practice before you write will always make you better when the real writing comes. The book has given out an example, practicing writing is just like learn how to play a guitar, you also need to practice a lot, for example you might need to practice how to press a chord. Opinion is what our view on topics, and according to the book, we can use experts and authority, statistics, examples, personal experience, possible consequences. A fact and an opinion is completely different concept, a fact is a truth that already proved, and everyone agree with it, however, an opinion is just what someone thinks, is only someone’s though, and it might not be proved, and it might only agree by one or few people. You can make a brief survey, you can make a survey that about your topic and some point that you might need support. For example you are talking about public issues, you might want to make a survey for the public and see what their opinion about that topic are, and you can analysis the data you receive and try to use that to support your opinion. The book has mentioned something you might want to use and be aware of when you write your essay, they are cites opposing view concisely, establishes main point early, challenges opponent’s claim, offers an alternative argument, supports alternative view with apt quotations, offers another view with support, summarizes her position, demonstrates sources. These are all very important thing that you must need to know, and these will help you build up a strong argument.



2.According to the American Now, it is mainly encouraging reading, provoking discussion,, and stimulating writing. It also aims at helping us to proceed from discussion of reading assignments to the part of completing essays process. After reading pages 9-28, the book claims that participation is a key to develop three skills in reading, discussing and writing. There is six basic methods of participating: taking an active speaking role, listening attentively, examining all sides if an issue, suspending judgment, avoiding abusive or insulting language and being prepared. And it is different in one person’s opinion and another’s one. We should respect other opinion as they have a right to an opinion. It is also a problem if we adopted someone else’s as their opinion are not the truth. A fact is supported by evidences or reasons and is definitely different from opinion. If a statement mixes the two, there is a debate. According to the book, for example, the argument which city is Brazil’s capital. We can also back up the opinions in several ways: experts and authority, statistics, examples, personal experience, and possible consequences. Nevertheless, writing an essay should cite opposing view concisely, establish main point early, challenge opponent’s claim, offer an alternative argument, support alternative view with apt quotations, offer another view with support, summarize her position and demonstrate sources. This shows that facts can support our opinion in essay. Therefore, making a statement through writing is important.

Please consider the following when responding to your peers:

-How do you relate to their discussed methods of participating?

-Do you agree or disagree with their thoughts on opinions we adopt from others? Why?

-How can you respond to their thoughts on when opinions and facts mix?

-Can you contribute to their ideas of how opinions can be supported?

-Do you agree with their thoughts on why writing a statement can be important?

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