Posted: September 17th, 2017

How to Write a Dialogue?

Goal: Write a dialogue with the co-worker you shared in class regarding your concern. The outcomes of a dialogue are: long-term innovative solution, achieve shared-meaning, and build common ground. The tools or means to achieve these are: explore assumptions, sharing of feelings, suspend judgments, and build common ground. 




Include the dialogue between you, the sender or speaker and the receiver of the message


Include an analysis of the dialogue using five citations to support your analysis.


The report should be five pages with a cover page and a reference page


This is the Scenario; Marion Medical center is a medium size hospital, located in California that is fairly profitable and well accepted in the community. This Medical center has several outpatient clinics, that are managed my supervisors.  Robert is one of those supervisors, in these outpatient clinics.  His job performance is adequate, but his clinic is facing some major challenges; the manager of all the clinics, Richard, has received many complaints from employees, that Robert is not engaged in the supervision process. Therefore, Richard the supervisor, has asked Roger to meet . These are the major complaints about the supervisor: Roger


-Not available in the day to day activities-stays in the office all day


-Does not communicate with employees


-Shows favoritism to certain employees


-employees don’t trust him


-delegates the scheduling of work shift to employees and there is never enough employees to do the work


-Not good listener or facilitator


-workforce is not motivated


-clinic experiencing a negative working environment

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