Posted: September 17th, 2017

How will online banking and the development of banking technology change the banking industry in regards to the customer, employee, and company?

select a current business topic and discuss how it has or can change the effectiveness and success of your company. You can use the same topic as you choose for the graduate orientation class, UCSP 615A. Some examples of past topics include internal communication, training, assessment, and outsourcing. You must submit your topic idea to your professor by Friday of this week for approval before you begin the paper.

include at least five references from scholarly journals. There is a listing of possible journals in the Supplemental Resources provided above, in the reading list for this week. Please note that Wikipedia is not considered an academic reference, so, as such, you cannot use this resource in your paper.

This should be a formal graduate paper. The executive summary should be approximately one page in length. There are some excellent resources in the supplemental resources for those that need help with the executive summary. The paper must also include an introduction, body, conclusions, and references. The references must be in APA format. Please refer to the Hacker text for additional help with APA formatting. The paper should also be approximately six pages in length excluding the executive summary and references. Please submit your Individual Research Paper by the end of the Week. Edit your paper carefully so it is well organized and free from grammatical and spelling errors.

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