Posted: September 17th, 2017

HR Human Resources (Management)

HR Human Resources (Management)

As a global HR specialist, what are the cross-cultural challenges you may face in attempting to use HR best practices as performance interventions in a multinational context? Critically evaluate this question by utilising the appropriate academic literatures to justify relevance and effectiveness of the HRM/OB tools under consideration.
Consider the following frame of reference:

? The theoretical and changing HRM landscape ? e.g., the move from Personnel Management, SHRM, RBV, models of HRM and HR Best Practices.

? Significance of HR best practices and organisational behaviour (OB) tools e.g. Employee Training, Performance Management, Empowerment, and Employee Commitment in assisting managers coping with cross-cultural dynamics of the contemporary workplace.

? Assumptions underpinning the way in which HR best practices are being propagated, particularly in different multinational/cross-cultural environments.

? The influence of culture vis-a-vis the ?enactment? of HR best practices and the attendant OB theoretical tools in the management of individuals and the organisation ? tease out the complexities and cultural tensions associated with implementation of HR best practices in a MNC.

The following information is important when:
? Preparing for your assessment
? Checking your work before you submit it
? Interpreting feedback on your work after marking.

Assessment Criteria
The module learning outcomes (LO) tested by this assessment task are indicated on page 1. The precise criteria against which your work will be marked are as follows:
? Content: Breath and relevance of academic content/context including peer reviewed journals
? Analysis: Depth of synthesis and critical evaluation
? Application: Evidence of how theoretical tools is shown to apply and relevant to workplace
? Written communication: Grammar, coherence, logic of arguments, and Harvard referencing

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