Posted: September 17th, 2017

HRM Practice and Staff Turnover

1 – You are required to belong to a group of  5 students for this project. The project is to develop a research proposal. This handout will give you a few guidelines to follow as you go.

Your Research Proposal will consist of the following five sections:

1) Title:
Give a descriptive title of what your research project will attempt to address.

2) LiteratureReview

Write a few paragraphs giving the reader a thorough overview of the research topic you have selected, highlighting important items related to your project including the below points.

  •  Research Question: Summarize the question that you are asking in your research project. What is the question you are asking? Refer to your notes on experimental design for guidance on what makes a valid research question.
  •  Rationale: Why will the study be done? The primary function of the rationale is to communicate the importance of conducting the project. The rationale relates how the information provided by your project might be utilized to. YOU MUST introduce information from 5 scientific research studies directly related to your project, including the purpose of each study, major findings and recommendations for future work:

o    ·  Be sure to include at least information from 5 primary literature resources.

o    ·  Use proper in-text citations when discussing these articles.

o    ·  Conclude this section by restating the question, and how you are

going to investigate it.

You need to include the following information about each article ( the five article will be attached) separately in the research paper, it should include ( and more ):

1-      definition of the turnover.

2-      Types of turnover.

3-      Cost of turnover.

4-      Methodology ( question, quantitative, qualitative, hypothesis)

5-      add more if needed

3) Methods:

  • Research Model: discuss your research model:

1) Independent variable?
2) Dependent variable?


2 Data Analysis: Describe the procedures you will use to analyze the data that answer the research question or hypothesis. Include the relevant statistical analyses you will be planning to use.

4) Possible results – Describe the result that you expect if your hypothesis is true; in other words, results that would support your hypothesis.

5) ReferenceList:

Using APA format, list a citation for each

Project Requirement

  • ·  The research paper should be type written, 1.5 line-spaced, using 12-point size font  times new roman,
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