Posted: September 17th, 2017

Human Disease Pedigree Analysis Report

Human Disease Pedigree Analysis Report

For this project, the student will be expected to prepare a human pedigree detailing the inheritance of a single genetic disease/disorder. The pedigree must have at least five generations and include examples of all of the symbols associated with pedigree analysis including living/deceased familial members, disease trait carriers v/s fully afflicted individuals, and male v/s female members. The pedigree must show at least two marriage events and each familial generation must be labeled as is customary for authentic human pedigrees. After depicting the disease on the pedigree, a brief 2-3 sentence explanation of the disorder, its dominant or recessive inheritance pattern as well as its autosomal or sex-linked position in the human genome should be indicated in this brief summary. Also, a brief description of the manifestations and clinical outcomes of the disease should also be included. This assignment is to be drafted in powerpoint or some other graphics program and uploaded through the assignments folder by the date indicated in the syllabus. This assignment is worth 100 points (25 points for the five-generation pedigree, 25 points for the correct use of pedigree annotation and labeling, 25 points for the appropriate depictions of the inherited disease or disorder on the pedigree, and 25 points for the writeup at bottom of pedigree detailing dominant v/s recessive and autosomal v/s sex-linked inheritance patterns). I suggest you use the many supplementals in the course content that detail how to construct pedigrees.

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