Posted: September 17th, 2017

human resourse managment

Assessment #1 – Annotated bibliography

Weighting: 15%
Maximum 1,000 words (5 annotations each approximately 200 words each)

What is an annotated bibliography?

Assessment objective:
Explain the significance of the human resource management role in organisations, its different facets and its contribution to the achievement of corporate goals.

This assessment will help you develop information literacy skills which you will then apply in assessment 2-the online case study.

5 annotated references each of 200 words = approx. 1000 words in total

Your task:
Locate five (5) relevant references from the Human Resource Management literature which address the aim and objectives of the course. You are encouraged, but not compelled to use these references in Assignment 2 when answering online questions set for the case studies found at the end of each chapter of Stone (2013).

Your references should be from:

Refereed academic journal articles
Three (3) references will come from refereed academic journal articles published between 2011-2015

HRM textbook chapter
One (1) reference will come from your prescribed textbook (Stone 2013 )

One (1) other reference published at any time up to 2015
This can be sourced from:
Newspaper articles, business magazines, HRM research case studies, an eReading, conference proceedings, or professional organisations such as the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI) or the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) fact sheets

Start your search by using the refereed journal Human Resource Management.
The Human Resource Management Journal is a great resource for finding articles as it is a refereed academic journal, so it contains articles of high quality.

Other excellent HRM academic journals you could use for your assessment include:

Human Resource Management Review
Human Resource Management
International Journal of Human Resource Management
Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources
Journal of Industrial Relations
Personnel Review
Industrial Relations Journal
Journal of Applied Psychology
Journal of Organizational Behavior
Journal of Vocational Behavior
Personnel Psychology

Please note:
Sometimes a journal is available through more than one database. In these cases, choose the link which includes the most recent articles.
Once you’re in a journal, you can then search the contents to find articles relevant to your assessment.

You should then widen your search from this journal to other refereed HRM journals, a relevant chapter or part of a chapter from Stone 2013, newspaper articles dealing with HRM issues, HRM magazines, HRM research case studies, eReadings, conference proceedings, and articles published by professional associations such as AHRI.

Presentation of your document
At the back of Assignment 1 attach a reference list of the 5 annotations using the Harvard method:

Show a total word count for the five annotations (your references, headers, footers are not included in your word count).

Show a URL and date accessed for each reference except Stone (2013).

Visit the Course Learnonline web page and look under ‘Assessment’ for a comprehensive set of resources to assist you in providing a quality document. Also please use the library help.

Extensions to assignment due date
For this unit, a 7-day extension may be allowed but this is not automatic and it must be applied for via the learnonline website.

Students should note the following:

Requests for an extension of time for submission of an assignment should be made at least two days before the due date of the assignment via the “Extensions” menu on the Unit website. Please monitor your request on the course learnonline site so you will know if your extension has been approved.

The Business School policy is as follows:
Assignments must be submitted by the time specified on the due date. 10% a day will be deducted from the total available mark, for up to 7 calendar days. After 7 calendar days the assignment will no longer be accepted.

Extensions of more than 7 days (but no longer than 10 days) may be granted to students, only in exceptional circumstances (for example, genuine illness, family bereavement) and where supported by a medical certificate or other evidence.

Work commitments or pre-arranged holidays are insufficient grounds on which to apply for or be granted an extension. Many students studying this course are working and studying at the same time. As such, it is a question of equality and fair treatment for all.

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