Posted: September 13th, 2017

Humanity Approach on Harry Potter 3

Humanity Approach on Harry Potter 3

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Watch Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.
Write about 7 of the 9 approaches (in bullet points preferably)

1- Anthropological Approach – Discovering in the myth held by that myth’s culture.
2- Literary Approach – Using the mono-mythic cycle to find the Twist and Moral of the story.
3- Cosmological Approach – Using a myth to determine a blueprint of how the universe is designed.
4- Historical Approach – (A) Showing how the myth is based on historical events, or (B) using details in the myth to pain a historical picture of how people of that culture lived.
5- Aetiological Approach – How the myth explains the origin of something.
6- Comparative Approach – Comparing multiple myths (or different versions of the same myth) in order to find patterns of sameness or difference.
7- Metaphysical Approach – How the myth addresses/influences various philosophical questions or ideas.
8- Ritual Approach – Discussion of the relationship between a ritual and a myth.
9- Psychological Approach – Examining how individuals in the myth struggle to become mature human beings and useful members of society.

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