Posted: September 17th, 2017

Identification of Gfted Student


You have the attachment of 5 journal articles, please compile an annotated bibliography (maximum 1000 words) of these articles that approach the identification of gifted students from different angles, different sorts of information, and different sorts of interpretations. In approximately 100–200 words, give a brief summary of the information that each provides and an evaluation of why each source is worth including in an educator’s reading list.
Please follow the format as detailed below:
Sample annotation
The citation goes first and is followed by the annotation. Make sure that you follow APA citation style. The summary needs to be concise (please note the following example is entirely fictitious).
*NO chapters are to be included.
o In the sample annotation below, each element is numbered (see Key). In your annotation, please include the numbers but not the Key.
(1) Trevor, C.O., Lansford, B. and Black, J.W., 2004, ‘Employee turnover and job performance: monitoring the influences of salary growth and promotion’, Journal of Armchair Psychology, vol 113, no.1, pp. 56-64.
(2) In this article Trevor et al. review the influences of pay and job opportunities in respect to job performance, turnover rates and employee motivation.(3) The authors use data gained through organisational surveys of blue-chip companies in Vancouver, Canada to try to identify the main causes of employee turnover and whether it is linked to salary growth.(4) Their research focuses on assessing a range of pay structures such as pay for performance and organisational reward schemes.(5) The article is useful to my research topic, as Trevor et al. suggest that there are numerous reasons for employee turnover and variances in employee motivation and performance.(6) The main limitation of the article is that the survey sample was restricted to mid-level management,(7) thus the authors indicate that further, more extensive, research needs to be undertaken to develop a more in-depth understanding of employee turnover and job performance.(8) This article will not form the basis of my research; however it will be useful supplementary information for my research on pay structures. Key
(1) Citation
(2) Introduction
(3) Aims & Research methods
(4) Scope
(5) Usefulness (to your research/ to a particular topic)
(6) Limitations
(7) Conclusions
(8) Reflection (explain how this work illuminates your topic or how it will fit in with your research)

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