Posted: March 7th, 2014

Identify a manager in your organization that is responsible for an operations function.

Identify a manager in your organization that is responsible for an operations function. Review the section on Operations Strategy in the textbook and discuss this information with the identified operations management manager. Determine if any of the operations strategies discussed in the textbook are utilized in the organization.

Deliverable: Interview the operations manager and determine if any operations strategies are utilized in your designated organization. Explain your project proposal to the operations manager and solicit feedback on your plan. Prepare a document that addresses the role that you will play in the process as well as background information on the selected company

Week 2: Once you have identified the operations strategies that are utilized in the organization, conduct additional research on those strategies in order to determine the appropriate policies and processes that need to be in place.

Deliverable: Draft a paper that discusses your findings that you would share with the operations manager for feedback. Imagine that you have received that feedback and revise the original document discussing your findings.

Week 3: Meet with the operations manager to discuss a past or current operations management problem. Solicit information that led to the identified problem and write a background summary section for your final paper.

Deliverable: Draft a document that discusses the identified problem and its background.

Week 4: Prepare a final draft of your background summary. Create a draft outline of how you will write your case study on operations management for your designated organization.

Deliverable: Prepare the final draft of your background summary following the details outlined above.

Week 5: Prepare final case study. Develop a case study that addresses the operations management problem identified for your designated organization.

Deliverable: Based on the information that you have obtained about the company, write a paper that provides background information on the company, identifies an operations management problem within the organization, and discusses potential solutions to the operations problem.

Week 6: Prepare the final case study

Deliverable: Once Week 5 tasks have been completed, compile all of your deliverables from each week and write a final summary describing the process you have used to complete each step of the final project.


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