Posted: June 5th, 2015

Identifying and Preventing Homegrown Terrorism

Now that the identified research question and literature evaluation regarding the issue is done and attached, design a study to answer the questions. For this project, you will detail the data, methods, and analyses required to answer the research questions. In writing the research design section, be sure to address the following points:
• Specify the approach that will be taken to address the question. Specifically, state the design that will be used—a qualitative or quantitative design—and specify whether a mixed methods approach will be used.
• Explain how the approach that fits into the research problem. In other words, explain how this approach to data collection will help you achieve the research objective.
• While data will not be collected for this project, this exercise is designed to explore every area of the research process. Therefore, given the research design, indicate whether you would collect your own data (primary) or use data generated from another source (secondary) to execute your research. Use historical data using agency records (Research review) (Maxfield & Babbie, 2015, p. 331).
• Identify whether the data was (or will be) collected through a case study, survey, interview, cohort study, longitudinal study, or some other method.
• Provide a rationale for why this data was chosen and methods and how they will serve to answer the research question.
• While you will not be analyzing data for this project, it is important to identify concepts and variables that are central to addressing your research questions. Describe how one would analyze the data if one were to actually execute the research design that has been created. Specifically, identify variables of importance and the statistical methods employed to analyze them.
• Identify the benefits and drawbacks of the research design.
Use research methods found in Maxfield, M., & Babbie, E. (2015). Research Methods for Criminal Justice and Criminology (7th). Stamford, CT: Cengage Learning
Please make sure to use in text citations with the proper page numbers as well.

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