Posted: September 17th, 2017


the question is :-

Highlight the reasons for the illegal Immigration in the UK and Dubai. What is the influence of that on the society? What the government solutions to stop that?

here the outlines below:-
• Definition of the Immigration
(General definition)
• Background
• Overview
Main body:

1. Definition of the legal Immigration and illegal immigration.

2. The Reason for the immigration and illegal immigration.

• Why do people move? From country to another.
• What is the main reason for illegal immigration?
• Do the poverty or jobless or law play big role on that?

3. The influence of the illegal immigrants on the country. (The Host-Country Problem. (Give general view)

• On the economy.
• On the environment. ( committing crimes)
• On the culture.
• On the language.
4. There is any control from governments on the illegal immigrations in the host country?
For example ..
• Government agencies must coordinate their efforts better and more extensively.
• Improve coordination between border agencies and between intelligence agencies.
• Expand judicial deportation.
• Put role in ending illegal immigration.

5. Recommendation and suggestion how to control on them
Such as stop illegal immigration by:

• New technology must be harnessed to the battle against illegal immigration.
• Create a secure intelligence database system.
• Set up a verification system for welfare and work eligibility.

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